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Feeling tossed about by the endless sea of details related to Small Business Administation (SBA) Loans?


Are you unsure if your client business is eligible for SBA programs?


Are you confused by the ocean of of new loan programs offered by SBA?


Does the flood of forms frighten you?


Do you have a loan in your portfolio where the captain has jumped ship and you need to ask SBA to honor the guaranty?  

Newman Business Lending Consultants can provide services to ease these realistic fears.  Check out our Services Page or contact us today.




Are you a small business snarled in the debris of government forms?


Are you a small business who has applied for funding but are always told no?


Are you a small business served by a lender that won't even consider a government backed loan?


Contact Newman Business Loan Consultants.  We can guide you across those troubled waters.

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