Services for Lenders

  • Pre-review of potential SBA applications from customer or lender
  • SBA loan application packaging for customer or lender
  • Loan packaging assistance for lender on its portion of SBA submission
  • E-Tran or other electronic submission of applications with paper copies or electronic copies for lender
  • Assistance with servicing requests including E-Tran submissions
  • Packaging Preparation for Liquidation Requests to assist SBA to honoring their guaranty
  • Instruction in SBA eligibility, programs, and general information Group or individual settings, your location, or one selected by NBLC.



Services for Certified
Development Companies

  • Liquidation monitoring as an Independent Contractor
  • Other services needed by CDC as an Independent Contractor


Why use Newman Business Loan Consultants?

  • NBLC is a small woman owned business with 25 years working for SBA.
  • NBLC is experienced in all types(including historical) of SBA Loans.
  • NBLC will work with customers still in early stages of application preparation.
  • Lender’s and CDC’s pick the service they need. No bundling charges.
  • NBLC can joint venture with other Lender Service Providers to provide additional staff and expertise to cover your individual needs.


Newman Business Loan Consultants
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Phone: 303 880-0253


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